About us

“Bringing Physicians together for better Cure”

Texas Research institute committed to:

– Facilitate, foster and support the conduct of high-quality clinical research

– Increase studies that provide patients with access to cutting edge research opportunities, and

– Serve as a shared resource to investigators and research coordinators.

Research Institute (TxRI) designed to provide shared services that are difficult to maintain by individual investigators. The TxRI team includes experts in clinical/basic research, clinical trial (CT) coordinators and support staffs. Our CT coordinators has passed competence and skills assessment exams like good clinical practice (GPC) administered by a national clinical research organization. The TxRI team works closely with sponsors, investigators, and the local or national IRB to facilitate successful conduct of clinical trials that meet the regulatory requirement that govern human research.

In short, “concentrated research support and resources can save costs, produce economy of effort, and it promotes safety and compliance”.

Currently the TxRI provides support for industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated clinical trials in Vascular Access Center from conception to consenting and, most importantly, patient follow-up and maintenance of regulatory compliance. The TxRI service designed to support other areas includes surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, and neurology.

The TxRI involved in creating educational opportunities for young investigators and medical residency program students to start their research initiatives. The TxRI designed to organize the lectures/talks from the experts in different areas to “learn up to date cutting edge research”.